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Gross Domestic Product (GDP) :


The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the total value of final goods and services produced in the country during a given period. The estimation of the GDP is done in stages, with estimates generated at each stage being dependent on source data available. The different stages generate estimates which are sequentially designated as projected, provisional, revised or final. It is only the final estimates that are not subject to further changes.


GDP quarterly bullettin (2009-2016) April 2017 Edition (pdf)[1010kb], (xls)[12.7mb] new

Provisional Annual GDP(2016) April 2017 Edition (pdf)[537kb], (xls)[202kb] new

Newsletter quarterly GDP 2016 Q4 December 2016 Edition (pdf)[494kb] new

Annual GDP Expenditure Approach April 2017 Edition (pdf)[169kb], (xls)[72kb] new

GDP quarterly bullettin December 2016 Edition (pdf)[986kb], (xls)[12.7mb]

Newsletter quarterly GDP 2016 Q3 December 2016 Edition (pdf)[494kb]

GDP quarterly bullettin September 2016 Edition (pdf)[943kb], (xls)[12.6mb]

Quarterly TimeSeries (June 2016 Edition) [pdf (1004kb)], [xls (12,738kb)]



Quarterly GDP TimeSeries 2015 Q1 June 2015 Edition [833kb]

Newsletter fIrst quarterly GDP ; June 2015 Edition [237kb]

View Annual GDP 2014 Revised2 June 2015 Edited [pdf 411kb]

Newsletter quarterly GDP 4Q 2014; April 2015 Edition [494kb]


Revised 2014 Annual Gross Domestic Product [544kb]new

Provisional Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for fourth quarter 2014 [1.6mb]new

Revised Gross Domestic Product 2014 Third Quarter [108kb]new

View Annual GDP presentation for 3rd Quarter 2014[pdf 334kb]

View Newsletter quarterly GDP for (3rd Quarter 2014) [pdf 559kb]new

TimeSeries GDP for 3rd Quarter 2014 [pdf 979kb]

Quarterly Gross Domestic Product [pdf 285kb]

Quarterly Gross Domestic Product (QGDP) Second Quarter 2014. [pdf 549kb]

Quarterly GDP for 2ndQuarter 2014 and Revised Annual GDP for 2013 and Provisional Annual
GDP for 2014. [pdf 363kb]

View News letter Quarterly Gross Domestic Product (QGDP), June 2014. [pdf 682kb]

GDP Expenditure Approach (new series) June, 2014. [pdf 682kb]

2011 International Comparison Program Summary Results [pdf 359kb]

Comparing the Real Size of African Economies (Press Release) [pdf 451kb]

View Gross Domestic Product (GDP), 2014. [pdf 282kb]


View News letter Quarterly Gross Domestic Product (QGDP), Fourth Quarter 2013. [pdf 379kb]

View News letter Quarterly Gross Domestic Product (QGDP), Third Quarter 2013. [pdf 359kb]

GDP Expenditure Approach (new series) May, 2013. [pdf 174kb]

View Provisional GDP 2013. [pdf 361kb]

View 2nd Quarter 2013 GDP Newsletter. [pdf 156kb]

View Bi-annual Digest of Macroeconomic Data (Published in August 2013). [pdf 458kb]

View Revised GDP 2012 (Published in June 2013). [pdf 275kb]

View National Income 2012 (New Series) - Published in June 2013. [pdf 142kb]

View 1st Quarter 2013 GDP Bulletin. [pdf 390kb]

View 1st Quarter 2013 GDP Newsletter. [pdf 126kb]


View Ghana at a Glance, 2012. [pdf 76.3kb]

View Revised GDP for 2012. [pdf 187kb]

View 4th Quarter 2012 GDP Newsletter. [pdf 116kb]

View 4th Quarter 2012 GDP Bulletin. [pdf 273kb]

View Provisional GDP for 2012. [pdf 265kb]

View 2nd Quarter 2012 GDP Newsletter. [pdf 112kb]

View 2nd Quarter 2012 GDP Statistical Bulletin. [pdf 312 kb]

View 1st Quarter GDP 2012 Newsletter. [pdf 144 kb]

View Comparison of Real Household Consumption Expenditures and Price Levels in Africa - AfDB 2012. [pdf 1.72 mb]

View First quarter GDP for the year 2012. [pdf 114 kb]



View New Series (National Income 2011). [pdf 127 kb]

View Time Series (National Income 2011). [pdf 159 kb]

View GDP New Series (Expenditure Approach). [pdf 132 kb]

View Ghana Economic Performance 2011 (In Figures). [pdf 1.26MB]

View Revised GDP for the year 2011. [pdf 318 kb]

View fourth quarter GDP for the year 2011. [pdf 137 kb]

View quarterly GDP time series (2006 - 2011). [pdf 452 kb]

View third quarter GDP for the year 2011. [pdf 407 kb]

View second quarter GDP for the year 2011. [pdf 374 kb]

View First quarter GDP for the year 2011. [pdf 196 kb]







View National Income 2010. [pdf 199 kb]

View Revised GDP for the year 2010. [pdf 318 kb]

View Fourth quarter GDP for the year 2010. [pdf 384 kb]

View New Series of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Estimate November, 2010. [pdf 96 kb]

View GDP NEWSLETTER for the year 2009. [pdf 340 kb]

View Rebasing of Ghana's National Accounts to Reference Year 2006. [pdf 145kb]






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