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Household and Job Survey

Household and Job Survey

From June 10 - 25, 2020, the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) interviewed thousands of households across the country to understand how the novel coronavirus has impacted their lives and work.

The Households and Jobs Tracker is an initiative led by GSS in partnership with UNICEF and the World Bank, with technical support from Innovation for Poverty Action (IPA). This nationally-representative sample survey is one of three COVID-19 impact studies being implemented by GSS. The intention is to follow over 3,000 households from all 16 regions of Ghana through telephone-based interviews. The study is planned for a seven-month period (June to December 2020) to accommodate multiple waves of surveys that will help assess mobility across different dimensions of living conditions as a result of the effects of the Virus and the attendant different interventions by both households and the State.


The survey consisted of two modules - Module A focused on effects of the COVID-19 on households generally and Module B assesses the effects of the pandemic on children and family situations.

The survey found that, 77.4% of households in Ghana experienced a decrease in their income since March 16, 2020 when COVID-19 restrictions were first introduced. This suggests that, approximately 22 million Ghanaians were affected by a reduction in their household income. Households that reported relying on income from a non-farm family business were the hardest hit. Read more..