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Thursday May 27, 2021

GSS Concludes Training of Regional Trainers for the 2021 PHC

The Ghana Statistical Service has completed training of Trainers for the 2021 PHC following a nine-day residential training workshop for prospective Regional Trainers. Following the completion of the training, a competitive merit-based selection process will determine the final list of Regional Trainers for the 2021 PHC. The training, which was conducted in eight regions brought together prospective Regional Trainers from all districts of the country.

The residential workshop which ended on 25th May followed self-learning and live virtual training. The purpose of engaging prospective trainers for prolonged periods for the 2021 PHC is to ensure that they develop a firm grasp of the census methodology and enumeration procedures to ensure that quality training is delivered consistently at all levels and at all training centres.

In a statement read on behalf of Management, trainees were urged to determined, passionate and have a sense of responsibility to carry out this important national exercise. They were also reminded of their role in ensuring that there is comprehensive complete coverage and quality data when the data collection begins in June.

The completion of training of Regional Trainers marks the attainment of another key milestone in preparation for the data collection for the 2021 PHC which is scheduled to start on 13th June with the enumeration of structures. The enumeration phase of the 2021 PHC is scheduled for 28th June to 11th July. The Census Night date on Sunday 27th June 2021. 

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