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Friday November 8, 2019

GLSS 7 Main Report

The Ghana Living Standards Survey (GLSS) provides information for understanding and monitoring living conditions in Ghana. This is the seventh round of a nation-wide household survey. The data collection was over a period of 12 months (22nd October, 2016 to 17th October, 2017). 

The uniqueness of the GLSS round seven (GLSS7) are the inclusion of a module on Data Protection and the use of smart devices in the collection of the data. The survey collected detailed information on the demographic characteristics of the households, education, health, employment, migration & remittances, information communication and technology (ICT), tourism, housing, household agriculture, non-farm household enterprises, financial services, anthropometry and asset. Information was also collected on households’ perception of governance, peace and security and knowledge of data protection in Ghana. 

The results from this survey have provided information for the preparation of a Poverty Profile Report. In addition, separate reports on Tourism, and Governance, Peace and Security have also been prepared. To promote further analysis with the aim of maximizing the returns of the data collection exercise, the micro data has been made available. 

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