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Programme Year Month Download
Supply and Use Tables 2013-Final (version 1) 2020 December
Rebased GDP quarterly bullettin_Dec_2019 edition_2019Q3 2019 September
National Income Statistics Time Series 2012 July
Time Series CPI 2012 August
Provisional GDP 2013 September
Provisional GDP 2012 September
African Development Bank Group Press Release 2011 December
National Income 2013 June
National Income 2012 July
National Income 2011 August
Digest of Macroeconomic Data 2013 August
ICP Global Release English 2014 April
GDP Real, Nominal Growth Rates 2014 April
Ghana At Glance 2012 November
GDP 4th Quarter National Accounts Statistics 2011 May
Ghana's Economic Performance 2011 May
AFDB ICP Household Consumption 2012 January
GDP Presentation 2015 April