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National Accounts: Annual GDP by Production Approach

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Programme Year Quaterly Download
Rebased GDP Quarterly bullettin_March_2024 Edition 2024 1st Quarter
Annual_GDP_2006_2021_P_GSS 2024
Annual_2013_2023_GDP_GSS 2024
Annual_2013_2023_GDP_GSS 2024
Annual 2013 to 2022 Annual detail GDP compilation up to GNI 2023
Annual GDP by Production Approach 2013 - 2022 2023
GDP distribution at basic prices 2022 2nd Quarter
Annual GDP by Production Approach 2013 - 2021 2022
Annual GDP 2013 to 2020 2021
Rebased 2013-2019 AnnualGross Domestic Product 2020 4th Quarter
Annual GDP by Production 2020 4th Quarter
Annual 2013-2018 GDP April 2019 Edition 2019
Rebased Annual GDP September 2018 Edition 2018
Annual Gross Domestic Product (Old and New Series) 2018
Revised GDP 2013 4th Quarter
Revised GDP April 2012 2nd Quarter
Revised GDP May 2011 2nd Quarter
GDP Real, Nominal Growth Rates 2014 2nd Quarter
Revised Annual GDP 2015 1st Quarter
Growth Rate of Annual GDP (Production Approach) 2016 2nd Quarter