Benefits of the Ghana 2021 Population and Housing Census

A Population and Housing Census has many uses. In the first place, it will give us the total number of persons and housing types and their characteristics in every Ghanaian town or village or a given small area. This information will be of great help to the Central and Local Governments in planning various educational, health, housing, and other social services.
Since the last census in 2010, there have been many changes in the structure of the population. In this regard, there is a need for a census to update the socio-demographic and economic data in the country and ascertain changes that have occurred in the population structure since 2010.

Examples of How Census Benefits:

  • The data collected on socioeconomic and housing conditions collected will allow for identification of vulnerable individuals and households for targeted interventions.

  • Business
  • The data from the housing census will also have commercial uses. It will assist the construction industry, institutions involved in housing finance and manufacturers of housing fixtures and equipment to make realistic projections of the demand for housing and assess their activities within the overall housing programme.
  • The information that will be derived from the census will help the private sector, including businesses to plan their activities, which will be of benefit to the economic development of this country.

  • Communities
  • Data from the housing census can be used by Government Agencies such as the Ministry of Works and Housing, Town and Country Planning Department, Local Government and other interested bodies for making analysis/diagnosis of the housing situation both in terms of stock and quality
  • Because reliable data informs good decision-making and planning, the data from the census will aid public sector and private sector formulate policies and programmes to spur economic growth and development.

  • The Nation
  • It aids policymakers to make realistic development plans such as the provision of pipe-borne water, construction of roads, schools, hospitals, etc.
  • Help to track the progress that have been made as a nation.
  • A successful census is a source of national pride.
  • International bodies, including Development Partners (DPs) and Non-Governmental Organizations will also utilize the Population and Housing Census data when planning for Ghana.